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The "Perfect Food" for gift givers, health enthusiasts and "just plain folks"
We have the largest variety of nut butters!
Our nut butters have a superior taste & texture to other nut butters because we minimally process without heat, allowing the nutrients to stay in the finished product. We start with the very best whole nuts & make the butters fresh to the order. You can taste the difference, and the texture is not like a soupy paste common to supermarket nut butters.
We use glass jars. Glass does not leach any by-products into the food like plastics do. Our jars are recyclable and don't make excessive waste like single packets. Better for humans, better for the planet. Premium quality and largest variety including "designer" flavors! Nuts/Nut Butters are Functional Foods, help prevent diseases with quality nutrients.
Our basic nut butters are all "Single Ingredient"
meaning there's nothing in there, except the nuts. If it says Walnut, that's all it is unless stated.
Please Note: Due to holiday/winter vacations for our employees, we are working with less crew. Our orders will take longer to get to you than our usual.
Please don't order for Valentine's Day this year. Shipments may be delayed. We appreciate your patience.

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How & Why they are so Pure, Healthy, Made to Order- a bit about us

Try Our New Organic Hazelnut Meal. Great for Gluten Freers
Dry Roasted for maximum rich taste. adds depth to pancakes & waffles, muffins, cakes, breads, chocolate desserts, pie crusts, breading on fish.... Amazing Pricing!

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Our nut suppliers are not involved in any recalls. We also
do not have peanuts! We take that very seriously
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and Gourmet

We are Kosher certified, Gluten & Dairy Free
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nut butter products
Try some new products, look at our list on our ready to order page under Special New Products (towards the bottom).

Check out our dried fruits and chocolates nut butters. Excellent for gifting. Try our Organic mangos, figs, apricots... order page
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Why the"Perfect"food ???
Great Tasting
• High in Nutrition • Health Promoting • Quick and Easy • Great in Recipes
We offer both organic and all natural choices including:
Almond Butter
Macadamia Nut Butter
Brazil Nut Butter
Pistachio Nut Butter

Cashew Butter
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Hazelnut Butter
Sunflower Seed Butter
Almond Hazelnut Butter ( "Almond Haze™"),
Walnut & Pecan Butters
Phenomenal Flavors such as Cherry, Orange or Strawberry Almond and Unsweetened Chocolate Nut Butters

See "Why Futters Nut Butter ???"
As a family run woman owned business, we take special pride in offering a wide variety of
high quality, unique and healthy products and in doing our part to help sustain our environment. Our nut butter products are processed in a peanut free facility daily, to assure the optimal freshness for your order and packaged in glass jars. Our products contain:

* No Cholesterol
* No Salt or Sugar 
* No Preservatives or Additives
* No Gluten
* Unsweetened real chocolate alternatives
* Low Saturated Fat, No Trans Fats
* Low "Net" Carbs
* Multiple Antioxidants
* No Dairy or Peanuts.
* Made in a Peanut-Free facility
We have almost every nut made into a smooth nut butter spread. We DO NOT have peanut butter.
Our products are produced in a peanut free, gluten and dairy free facility.
If there is an allergy concern, please let us know when ordering (comment section on checkout page or call).
Our ingredients are just the highest quality nuts and seeds,
-nothing more, nothing less!
  If it says "Pecan" "Macadamia" etc. that's what it is - no fillers or other nuts! Our Walnut butter is just walnuts, our Pecan is just pecans. Our combos say what they are: such as Almond Haze™ (almond & hazelnut). Cinnful Pecan™ (Pecan cinnamon mix) etc.
To view our extensive product offerings, the different container sizes and current pricing, go to our order page

* Our chocolate products contain a small amount of unrefined organic cane that still
    retains its vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There are unsweetened versions available.
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What's in it for You???
Great Gifts !      Healthy Choices !     Something Different !
There are lots of great reasons to consider our products. We have created a variety of choices to satisfy our customers' needs. If you don't see what you want, let us know ! We offer:
"Sample Packs" and "Decadent Duos"
---New users can experience a variety of choices
---Gift givers looking for something different and healthy

Larger Individual Choices
---Experienced users that have identified special favorites
---Quick and nutritious snacks/meals for children and "on the go" adults
---Campers/hikers looking for quick, easy energy boosts, most without refrigeration
Customized Gift Baskets:

Email or call us for that something special
Just Nuts

Individually packaged for nut purists.

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