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Organic Hazelnut Meal- 14 oz. Great for Gluten Free recipes. Use for a nutty flavor in baking, use as a primo breading on fish, veggies, substitute for some of the flour in recipes like waffles, pancakes, breads etc. for more nutrition. Outstanding price! while supplies last 14 oz. $6.99
Natural Pumpkin Seed Butter - 9 & 16 oz. jars. It's back! Our wonderful smooth pumpkin seed butter made from super freshly roasted pumpkin/pepita seeds is here for the season. Pumpkin Seeds are remarkably high in protein.

9 oz.

16 oz.



Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter - 9 & 16 oz. jars. This is an Organic smooth pumpkin seed butter made from fresh organic pepita seeds. Absolutely mellow, great for smoothies, especially with added cocoa in the smoothie. Try it!

9 oz.

16 oz.



Natural Mammoth Pecans- outstanding fresh lot of raw XLarge pecans, perfect to add in recipes that look arty & have wonderful taste and color. 8 & 16 oz. bags $8.50
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Organic Dried Fruits- We have Biodynamic raisins - very healthy & specially grown & Mangos pure without any sugars, preservatives or oils.   order page
Organic & Natural Trail Mix - Try this crunchy & chewy combo that we especially packaged for this weather. Great to send, travel with, use for all kinds of dishes. Great temporary price! More info & photo

16 oz. bag


Chocolate Hazelnut Butter-our outstanding dark chocolate hazelnut butter which is just fresh hazelnuts, & just dark chocolate (just cocoa, cocoa butter, cane sugar and vanilla). That's it, no fillers or junk, just fresh richness of hazelnuts and quality chocolate. We are offering it crunchy style upon request. When ordering (see our Ready to Order page), put in the comment section of the checkout page that you want our Chocolate Haze crunchy. 9 oz. & 16 oz. jars A WINNER

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Natural Almond Butter- 9 & 16 oz. jasr- Ours is the best texture, freshest taste. This harvest's new robust crop is here. Futters Almond nut butter doesn't get that oil on top, & isn't hard to mix. We don't grind with heat, the texture shows that. Terrific for our wonderful gluten free cookie recipe on our recipe page. BEST PRICING- 9 oz.
16 oz.



Dark Chocolate Bark- Our basic dark chocolate with LOADS of nuts
Seasonal, be back soon!!
pistachio bark
hazelnut bark
Organic Dark Chocolate holds together our wonderful organic raw pistachios and cranberries. Bursting with nuts and fruit, it's colorful, chewy and satisfies the sweet tooth but with nutritional value. Comes wrapped nicely in cello bag. 4 oz. $6.75 to order
An Almond Bark is available as well.
Our all Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Bark. Combo of our beautiful organic hazelnuts bursting from our fair trade organic chocolate and fair trade coffee mixture. Comes wrapped nicely in cello bag. 4 oz. $6.75 to order
Below is our Organic Dark Chocolate with Walnuts 4 oz. $6.75 to order
Not pictured
Unsweetened dark chocolate
bark for those that are craving high cocoa, high ORAC, strong chocolate flavor, diabetic, on candida- no sugar diets, etc.
Unsweetened chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts (natural/conventional only)
4 oz. $6.25 to order

walnut bark
We now have the Organic sweetened version of almond bark as well (4 oz. $6.50) to order
Our scrumptious organic dark chocolate with org. walnuts. They are just meant to be together. 4 oz. $6.50 to order
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Check out this cool smoothie bar if you are in the Covington, LA area. They use our nut butters by the gallons putting the magic of the wonderful nutrients in their fruit and nut butter smoothies. They know their stuff! Say hello for us.Refuel Nutrition

Yet More Studies About the Health Virtues of Nuts

A Harvard report just out 2011 cited certain foods that make us gain weight.Included in the study was the predictable french fries #1, potatoes (all), processed meats, refined grains, whole & low fat dairy foods (except yogurt)... BUT nuts which tend to be high fat, actually helped people avoid weight gain.

Pistachios are rich in the antioxidant CoQ10, shown to fight gum inflammation according to Stay Healthy. It doesn't surprise us because we've heard from our pistachio farmers dentists say that their teeth seem better as they eat more of their crop. Who would have thought?

More Studies with Pistachios. ...may help with weight management
In a first-of-its-kind study with nuts, randomized controlled-feeding research conducted by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) found that fat in pistachios may not be completely absorbed by the body. The findings indicate that pistachios may actually contain fewer calories per serving than originally thought, reinforcing that pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts with 160 calories per 30 g serving (approximately 1 oz). The study was presented on April 11 at the Experimental Biology conference in Washington, D.C.
The research measured the energy value of pistachios by feeding 16 healthy adults the nuts as part of a controlled diet and calculating the energy value from differences in energy excretion during the dietary treatment timeframe. The resulting energy value of one 30 g serving of pistachios was 5.9% less than previous calculations.
“Existing scientific research indicates that fat from nuts is poorly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract,” said lead ARS researcher David J. Baer, Ph.D., Supervisory Research Physiologist with the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center. “This study confirms that the fat from pistachio nuts, specifically, is not completely digested or absorbed, resulting in a lower energy value.” Additional data from this study presented at Experimental Biology reinforced the heart-health benefits of pistachios. The ARS researchers found that when healthy individuals included 1.5 and 3 oz of pistachios into their typical American diet, cardio-supportive results were shown.

Pistachios may help regulate blood sugar
A study published in Diabetes Care shows that nuts, such as pistachios, may improve long-term blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Walnuts & Pecans are tops for antioxidants
A study presented at the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society shows that walnuts may have a combination of more healthful antioxidants and higher quality antioxidants than any other nut.
Joe Vinson, University of Scranton, analyzed antioxidants in nine different types of nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, and pecans. Walnuts had the highest levels of antioxidants. He also found that the quality, or potency, of antioxidants present in walnuts was highest among the nuts. Antioxidants in walnuts were 2–15 times as potent as vitamin E, renowned for its powerful antioxidant effects that protect the body against damaging natural chemicals involved in causing disease.
The Pecan Board also says pecans are at the top as well. Futters Nut Butters carries both. They are tasty, healthy, and our nuts/nut butters are the best out there.


Use our Chocolate Almond butter for a healthy frozen dessert pop
The easiest most fun, but professional looking dessert in no time. Combine our chocolate almond nut butter with your choice of milk. We used coconut milk and soymilk with these pictured. Put ingredients in a blender (we used a smoothie maker, like the "bullet™"). Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. You can add banana which gives it a nice texture, or even use water instead of milk for a deeper chocolate. Ours is dark to begin with, so this would look really rich more like a fudgicle™. Class them up by using our Chocolate Almond Espresso, Bliss and our Chocolate Orange Almond butters.

Chocolate Almond Coconut Bliss, Chocolate Orange Almond or
Choc. Alm. Espresso

Speaking of chocolate, try this. For chocolate and coconut lovers...

Our Almond Bliss is a combination of our almond butter, dark chocolate and lite coconut. It's our chocolate almond with a subtle coconut ending. It has the advantages of dark chocolate and organic coconut with 40% less fat than regular. In natural and organic Ordering/pricing page
Our Chocolate Orange Almond Butter is on a fabulous sale. Valentia Orange Oil makes this nut butter taste like orange peel candy (but not nearly as sweet).
Makes an outstanding addition to cookie recipes. See our recipes


The combination of organic dark chocolate with a wonderfully high cocoa content, an organic coffee and roasted almonds make a unique and pleasurable taste experience. We offer the organically sweetened chocolate combo in both our natural and organic almond butters. Each ingredient can be tasted individually but each enhances the other. Try it and see for yourself. If you like chocolate and coffee (who doesn't?), and want a treat that's loaded with and mostly healthy fresh almonds, give yourself this great combo. It also travels well.

walnut butter

More Great News about Walnuts & Futters Walnut Butter
It's cooler weather so it's a great time to try our walnut butter if you haven't already

Walnuts contain lots of healthy omega3s (see our walnut page of info), as well as antioxidants, and phytosterols -all of which have been shown to slow the growth of breast tumors. Earlier this year, a study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research showed that mice eating the human equivalent of 2 ounces (that's just 14 walnuts) a day were much less likely to develop breast cancer. Related research shows that the same amount of walnuts in the diet can slow breast tumor growth by blocking cancer cell proliferation, which means that the breast tumors that did develop grew more slowly. Make sure you' re substituting walnuts for other snacks because weight gain raises the risk of breast cancer.
The study was funded by grants from the American Institute for Cancer Research with a matching grant from the California Walnut Commission. Neither group had any input on the study design or findings.

Not usual to our website, we have a food "supplement" that seems promising to those who suffer joint pain, stiffness or arthritis symptoms. Take a look at something that's been used for a long time, but on the market as a supplement now. Ours is direct from the manufacturer, analyzed for freshness & purity.

Our Very Own Pecans

The Pecan, according to the respected food writer Waverly Root, is a nut originally 100 percent American. According to the National Pecan Shellers Association, American Indians began cultivating wild pecans in the 1500's. Today Americans grow about 80% of the world's pecans. Many in the south are still cultivating wild (& organic) pecans the same way. Root says pecans originated in Texas and were loved by Pre-Columbian Indians, who pressed them for oil, ground them to thicken stews, roasted them for hunting expedition rations, and mixed them with vegetables.We like putting pecans in our salads, with raspberries or with mixed bitter greens (arugula, radicchio, endive) and a drizzle of balsamic dressing on them.

For more info, go to our pecan page to see facts like pecans are never genetically modified here, and that they are a very high antioxidant food. Good stuff!


Two Tasty Items that will be back soon

Our Dark Chocolate Barks are yummy
Our new 9 oz. jar of Strawberry Almond   butter is perfect for gifting. It's just our hearty rich almonds ground with a natural strawberry flavor oil and little bits of strawberries. Adds no sugar, just flavor. Natural 9 oz. jar $9.99 to order
be back soon
Organic Dark Chocolate holds together our wonderful organic raw pistachios and cranberries. Bursting with nuts and fruit, it's colorful, chewy and satisfies the sweet tooth but with nutritional value. Comes wrapped nicely in cello bag & ribbon. 4 oz. $6.75 to order
(pictured on our special products page} our all Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Bark. Combo of our beautiful organic hazelnuts and fair trade coffee.
Also-with organic walnuts or organic almonds.
Also, Unsweetened versions
special products
4 oz. $6.25 to order

Adding Nuts to the Touted Mediterranean diet may help alleviate health problems according to research published in the Archives of internal Medicine. The diet of veggies, fruit and fish PLUS daily nuts (not peanuts), boosted health in more than one in eight at-risk volunteers, reported BBC news. Full story

Another justified plug for the favored Almond

Researchers have been saying for years that people who eat almonds regularly tend to weigh less than those who don't, even if they ingest more calories in a day. Now there's a study helping to explain how this nut has the power to provide valuable nutrients and help decrease LDL cholesterol without adding pounds. Researchers instructed women (most overweight) to eat a bit more than two ounces of almonds daily for 10 weeks. For the following 10-week period, they ate their usual diets. Researchers measured body weight, metabolic rates, and physical activity at various points during the study.

The researchers found that when people were eating the 344 calories worth of almonds every day, they were in total, only taking in an extra 77 calories each day. During the time they ate almonds, the women gained no additional weight, and they met daily recommendations for vitamin E and magnesium (two nutrients most of us don't consume in adequate amounts). Eating almonds also led to increases in consumption of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, protein, and fiber. The extra daily 77 calories were offset because the fiber structure of almonds blocked the fat in almonds from being fully absorbed. Rick Mattes, PhD, RD, coauthor of the study, notes, "Solid data has shown that eating one to three daily ounces of almonds can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. But many healthcare providers have been hesitant to recommend almonds ... because they're a relatively high-calorie food. This study challenges that assumption," In fact, a serving of almonds may not have as many calories as indicated on the nutrition facts label, since the satiating effect of these nuts may replace other foods in the diet, including carbohyd rate- rich ones. Also, the fiber in almonds may block some of the fat from being digested and may cause an increase in resting energy expenditure.

This study adds to the evidence that almonds are satiating and may play a valuable role in weight management.  Previous studies have shown that the addition of nuts to a daily diet does not cause weight gain and increases satiety.

SOURCES "Does the Nutrition Facts Label Tell the Whole Story?" Almond Board of California, wwwAlmondBoard.corn, 8/30/07 0 "Effect ofChronic Almond Consumption on Body Weight of Healthy Humans" by Jarnes Hollis, PhD, and Rick Mattes, PhD, RD, British Joumal ofNutrition, 9/1/07

Antioxidants deactivate free radicals – cell-destroying compounds in the body that can cause heart disease, cancer and strokes.While almonds have long been recognized as an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin E, comprehensive work had yet to be done on the quantity and quality of their antioxidant content.
"The principal flavonoids in almonds - catechin, epicatechin and Kaempferol - provide the highest degree of protection against oxidant-induced cell dealth than any other flavonoids," wrote the Tuft University researchers. On a weight basis, the total flavonol content of almonds was found to be similar to red onions. The kaempferol and quercetin content was on a par with broccoli, and the catechin content between that of brewed black tea and brewed green tea.
Pecans according to the Pecan Board are also extremely high in antioxidants.
Studies show that these beneficial compounds work with each other (synergistically) making each more effective. Nothing like whole foods!

Study proves snacking on Pistachios can help reduce cholesterol

Why is the pistachio nut unique as compared to other nuts?
• It provides a significant amount of the bioactive carotenoid, lutein that is also found in dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli (good for your eyes)
• Unique among tree nuts in having lutein and anthocyanins in their peels, giving them their characteristic green and purple 2-tone appearance
• Among tree nuts, pistachios are the richest source of phytosterols, particularly beta-sitosterol and campesterol (good for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing risk of heart disease)
There is 0.36 mg of lutein in a 1 oz. serving of pistachios, which is equivalent to the amount of lutein found in a half-cup serving of broccoli.
Phytosterols are plant sterols that compete with cholesterol in the intestinal lumen for uptake into the bloodstream. Phytoserols may help reduce cholesterol levels as well as help to promote a healthy heart. There is evidence which states a diet that incorporates tree nuts, such as pistachios, is associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

A four-week pistachio diet can help reduce cholesterol levels in people with moderate hypercholesterolemia, without weight gain, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in April ."A diet with a moderate amount of healthful monounsaturated fat, like the kind found in pistachios, is a more effective way to prevent heart disease than reducing overall fat intake," said Dr James Cooper of George Mason University who conducted the new study.
This follows a 2005 study, published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (Vol 53, pp. 9436-9445), which proved pistachios held the richest source of phytosterols in snack foods, believed to reduce blood cholesterol.
The new study claims that a daily four-week diet consisting of 15 percent of calories from pistachios improved blood serum lipid levels,...The results also showed that there was no change in blood pressure, BMI or weight levels in those on the pistachio diet, supporting recent research that pistachios are a healthy snack option.
Source: Journal of the American College of Nutrition
Volume 26, Number 2, 141-148 (2007)
"Pistachio Nut Consumption and Serum Lipid Levels"
Authors: M J Sheridan, J N Cooper, M Erario, and C E Cheifetz
See our pistachio butter options.

All the Hype About Reservatrol in Wine and what it Means to our Customers
Many articles point to the component reservatrol as key to wine's heart-protecting benefits. Bottom Line Health says you'd have to drink 1000 quarts of wine daily to make a difference. More important for your health are the procyanidins, which are polyphenols found in red wines. Certain wines have higher concentrations than others, highest from CA - many Napa Valley cabernets, France - Bordeauxs, Italy - sangiovese from Tuscany etc. But you don't have to drink alcohol to get the benefits of procyanidins. The May issue of that publication says eating an ounce of dark chocolate or one medium size Granny Smith or red delicious apple have the same amount as 4 oz. of wine. And walnuts, berries, grape juice, pomegranates, cinnamon and other foods contain the benefits. SO, our chocolate walnut nut butter is a double positive. Not only does it give you these benefits from the dark chocolate AND walnuts, it tastes great!

Outstanding Organic version of our wonderful Hazelnut butter
We again have a new harvest of unbelievably great dry roasted organic hazelnut butter. These went fast last year. Working with a special certified organic farm in Oregon that had been growing specific breeds of hazelnut trees, the master steward has sent some of his beloved crop to us. They pride themselves on ecological soil management and integrative practices. We joined them in the committment to enhance the quality of our environment and creating a sustainable food system. This represents years of breeding and hard work for them. This fall we are getting our organic hazelnuts from another special farm in Washington. The farm/orchard has been in their family for over 100 years. The trees are more mature and have more of an abundant crop than our last years' farm. We shouldn't run short at all this year. These stewards are "the salt of the earth". Their devotion, hard work and special considerations for organic farming are commendable & inspirational.

to order (ordering page, 9 & 16 oz.jars)

Walnuts-Even healthier than we thought!

Many of our customers were up on the latest findings of a study about the heart benefits of walnuts and walnut butter. A handful of walnuts protects your arteries from the shock of a high-fat meal, Spanish researchers find. The finding suggests that nuts are a more important part of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet than olive oil. Heart health depends on healthy, flexible arteries. When you eat a high-fat meal, it temporarily stuns your arteries. They stiffen and become less able to expand in response to exercise. Over time, this repeated damage contributes to hardening of the arteries.
But if you eat walnuts along with a fatty meal, the fat has much less of a short-term effect, find Emilio Ros, MD, PhD, and colleagues. Ros is director of the Lipid Clinic at Hospital Clínico, Barcelona, Spain, the central location for the study. More info on our walnut page.


Futters Walnut Butter - Nutrient dense-Omega 3's
For all those who have requested this healthy nut be part of our line, we are happy to serve you! We have both natural and organic versions, both are from raw walnuts. And of course they are just the nuts, no salts, sugars, additives, ... and ground fresh for your order. For more information about walnuts, see our walnut page.
Try our Chocolate Walnut, It's a great little gift.  
Ready to order

Our outstanding raw nuts and seeds are super healthy, super fresh and super tasty. Many doctors, nutritionists and health experts are touting RAW nuts and seeds as the ultimate. Our supplies are always stored to assure maximum freshness.
Try them in salads, pestos, desserts, cereals & personal trail mixes

The "sunnies" are great in the following recipe. You can use the other nuts above, instead, but need to chop them first or use our cashews.
Broccoli Salad
Mix together 2 fresh bunches of broccoli, 1/2 cup white or black raisins and put in fridge overnight with a damp cloth/towel covering to keep crisp.
Mix together 1 cup mayonnaise of choice, 1/2 cup sugar (of choice) and 2 TBS apple cider vinegar. Refrigerate overnight & set out 1 hour before mixing into below salad so it's room temp.
Toss the dressing over the broccoli mixture, add 1 cup sunflower seeds and 1 red onion sliced thinly. Serve
All the items seem to compliment each other and taste so right.

We have a Cinnful Pecan "Mix" nut butter in our natural line and straight Cinnful in our Organics
Our Cinn-Ful Pecan was a big hit at our markets, so we're bringing them to you. Our cinnamon/spice blend naturally sweetens and compliments the raw pecans. We used it on apple pancakes, and now we can't eat them without it. We've really brought out the best in pecans. It's slightly sweet, very smooth, easy to spread and compliments everything from pancakes to fruit to chicken (or chicken substitutes). It's made with our raw pecans, our special blend of organic cinnamon spices, (individually & collectively, those ingredients smell sooo good). They are very slightly sweetened with organic unrefined cane and we add a bit of grapeseed oil for smoothness & it's antioxidant powers. A natural or organic twist of our outstanding pecan butter!
Our Natural Cinful Pecan "MIX" nut butter spread has some roasted cashew butter in it which makes it a bit sweeter tasting and keeps it heartier in warm weather for shipping. Our organic version doesn't have any other nuts in it. Pricing & ordering

Try our natural & organic Pecan

We need to share these little treasures of taste with more people. We've got hard to find organic raw pecans and want you to have them also. Published research shows that the pecan, that All-American nut, contains the most antioxidant capacity of any other nut and is among the top category of foods to contain the highest antioxidant capacity. On apples, it's divine. Berries, waffles, cinnamon toast, ice creams, as a coating, the list goes on. Try it for yourself! More info on pecan butter

Nutritionists Go Wild About Nuts

In an article in The San Francisco Chronicle, Carol Ness, Chronicle Staff Writer states "Oil-filled nuts have won back their status as health foods and shed their fattening status. Recent research revealed nuts lower bad cholesterol and blood fats, keep good cholesterol high, cut the risk of heart attack, can help prevent adult-onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and may prevent gallstones."The article goes on to say that nutritionists say you can eat those glistening Marcona almonds,, spicy walnuts and even big fat Brazil nuts without fear of artery-clogging paybacks down the line. Nuts can actually make you healthier. And, unless you gobble handfuls on top of your usual food intake, they won't make you fat.
That's where our Futters Nut Butters come in with portion control. One serving is roughly 2 tablespoons. Sometimes people have a way of eating more nuts because they are not paying attention.Taking your nut butter and spreading it or just taking it straight on the spoon gives you the awareness of "how much" is that serving.

"The data on nuts are really amazing," says Penny Kris-Etherton, an expert on lipids and heart disease at Pennsylvania State University, and member of the advisory committee drawing up new federal dietary guidelines due for release early next year. "The more you eat, the lower the risk of heart disease. You can reduce your risk anywhere from 40 percent to 50 percent," Kris-Etherton says. "The results have been very consistent."

Oil-filled nuts were like poison during the long "fear of fat" era. But now, in the new "learning-to-love-good-fats" era, nuts have won back their hippie-era status as health foods. Some fats are good for you -- polyunsaturates and monounsaturates, the kinds packed into nuts (and olives). Nuts are also crammed with protein, vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber.
That means, according to more than a decade of studies, that eating nuts lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood fats (triglycerides), keeps good cholesterol (HDL) high, cuts the risk of heart attack, can help prevent adult- onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and may prevent gallstones.
The 2005 federal dietary guidelines won't specify a low- or moderate-fat diet, as previous versions have. Instead, they'll tell people to "choose fats wisely" -- avoid trans and saturated fats but consume up to 35 percent of their calories in good fats. And that means nuts, among other things.

Large study of Seventh-day Adventists in the early 1990s revealed that people who eat nuts regularly are less likely to have heart attacks or to die from heart disease than people who rarely eat them, according Dr. Walter Willett, chair of the Nutrition Department at Harvard's School of Public Health. Willett's voice has been one of the strongest in pushing for reform of U.S. dietary guidelines to emphasize good fats (and carbohydrates) over bad ones.
Kris-Etherton and Willett say the Seventh-day Adventist findings were so striking that they spurred a burst of research into nuts that now has involved 200,000 men and women of all ages.
Along with about 14 grams of fat (most of it unsaturated), an ounce of nuts has 4 to 8 grams of protein -- a glass of milk has 8 -- plus various micronutrients. And nuts are digested slowly, helping control appetite and blood sugar.
(Good for diabetics)
Walnuts contain lots of an omega-3 fat called alpha-linolenic acid. A study published last month by Kris-Etherton and others showed that ALA reduced cholesterol and fats in the blood, and also C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker that is associated with heart disease.
The trick, Kris-Etherton says, is to substitute nuts for foods you'd normally eat.

Strong Case for Nuts

In large population studies like the Adventist and Harvard's Nurses Health studies, researchers have noticed that people who eat more nuts tend to weigh less. And in clinical trials looking at how nuts impact blood cholesterol levels, weight doesn't change during the course of the diet intervention, even when nuts provide close to 40 percent of subjects' calories from fat. These two findings build a strong case for incorporating nuts and foods rich in healthy fats into weight-loss regimens. Satiety is key. Eating nuts fills people up. People in the studies spontaneously cut back on calories during the rest of the day to adjust for the extra calories,
This discovery lends support to an earlier study from Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, which found that dieters who followed a moderate fat diet (with 35 percent of calories from fat) were three times more likely to keep weight off over the long-term than those who followed a low-fat diet of 20 percent of calories from fat. In summary, the diet didn't feel like a diet. A higher level of fat helps people feel more satisfied. Also of importance, focusing on the source of fat -substituting nuts and other healthy fats from unrefined plant foods as seeds and avocados are superior to the saturated animal fats.

Healthy for the heart, squelches hunger and may help with weight loss, sounds great to me.


For years, fat-phobic eaters have carefully avoided nuts. They may have done themselves a disservice. Last week the FDA ruled that packagers of walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, pecans and hazelnuts may state on their labels that "scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces per day ... may reduce the risk of heart disease" if part of a healthy overall diet. It was the first "qualified" health claim approved by the FDA under a new program that will give consumers more labeling information about the potential health impact of their food.
To many, it was welcome news. After all, who doesn't like nuts (except maybe the ones living next door)? Each nut has its own virtues. Walnuts are an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 oils, which are woefully scarce in the average American diet. Almonds are high in vitamin E. But given the calories, don't go nuts. The recommended portion is equal to a third of a cup, or a large handful.
FNB (One serving of our nut butter)!

Macadamias to fight cholesterol

The humble peanut is under threat from its more exotic cousin, the macadamia, due to a growing body of evidence that the Australian native nut has significant health benefits.
In the not-too-distant future, macadamias rather than peanuts or chips could be the snack of choice. Kids could be asking for macadamia spread, rather than peanut butter on their sandwiches after school.
The nuts have been praised for everything from their anti-oxidant properties, to their ability to fend off heart disease, lower cholesterol and offer the benefits of a high-fibre food. (See our nutritional information page)

"Macadamia nuts are packed with mono-unsaturated fats such as the fats one finds in olive, sunola or canola oil, and sterols, which block the uptake of cholesterol from the gastrointestinal tract. They are believed to be rich in polyphenol compounds that act as anti-oxidants, and contain high fibre and plant proteins," said Dr Garg.

Chief researcher Dr Manohar Garg from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Newcastle

Check out our "Phenomenal Flavors" !

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