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Nut Butter Allergy Pack




Our Allergy Pack is a great way to sample some of our best butters. Each butter comes in a 2 oz. jar.  

Natural: almond (dry roasted), hazelnut (dry roasted), cashew (dry roasted), pistachio (raw), pecan (raw) and walnut (raw).

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  1. Arrived too late

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2017

    I ordered these on May 20, thinking that they would arrive by May 31 for a June 1 allergist appointment. They were not even shipped until May 31--eleven days after they were ordered. Needless to say they did not make it in time for my allergist appointment. As a result, I had to purchase the whole nuts and grind them up into "nut flour " at the last minute.

  2. Safe & Happy

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 5th 2017

    We are so happy to have safe ways to try tree nuts without the contamination of peanuts.

  3. Great Product, Great Service, & Fast Shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 30th 2017

    Our son has severe peanut allergies and was very glad to hear a reassuring employee on the phone when I called to reiterate that they have a peanut free production facility. Our allergist recommended that we begin introducing tree nuts to our son as this could possibly prevent future allergies from developing. This variety pack is a great way to introduce one tree nut at a time, especially since our one year old isn't quite ready to eat a whole nut.


    Posted by Unknown on Sep 8th 2016

    Texture was good and so was the nut flavor of each variety.

  5. Food Challenge

    Posted by Kristen on Aug 16th 2016

    I have an extremely picky 2 year old. I purchased these for a food allergy challenge. I was very worried he would refuse the nut butter due to the consistency. I was amazed at how well he did. I spread the butters on his favorite bread and he ate it...with no issues! This is the kid that gags with apple sauce. I bought this sample pack and we have small amounts of tree nuts everyday. It is perfect for Peanut Allergic kids who are not tree nut allergic. I am so thankful we can add tree nuts into his diet safely. They are very delicious. Even our nurse commented how fresh and nicely it was packaged. She sees a lot of nut butters and was very impressed with these.

  6. Brilliant Idea for People Taking Food Challenge

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6th 2016

    I bought it for my daughter's food challenge appointment coming up in a week, and the item arrived quickly. I'll say they have the best customer service. It came with six little bottles (2 oz. ea) of different nuts, which is perfect for the food challenge test.

  7. Great for maintenance of allergens my daughter outgrew

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2016

    My daughter had a peanut allergy, but outgrew it. Allergies can sometime reoccur, and no one knows when or why that happens. But some research indicates that eating small quantities of nuts regularly may reduce the chance of the nut allergies returning. These little jars are easy and convenient and tasty for her to eat a little scoop each day :)