Everything Organic--Fruit Preserves, Dried Fruit (scroll down) & Chocolate to compliment our nut butters

This is especially for those who Bake, Cook or need Gluten Free
Organic Hazelnut Meal

Our new organically grown dry roasted hazelnut meal is perfect for baking recipes. You may want a nutty taste, but not the texture of nuts. You can add some of this meal in the place of some of the flour such as in pancakes, waffles & cake. You can replace more of the flour in Gluten Free recipes such as in muffins, with our org. hazelnut meal.

Breading fish with our hazelnut meal helps seal in the juice & compliments the taste- used in restaurants when they can get it. Easy to use.

Great for desserts like "dusting" chocolate, chocolate cookies. Use in crusts for cheesecake, pies. It adds great taste, more protein, less carbs, little fat, no sugar.

And it's Gluten Free! Best of all, it's really inexpensive while supplies last.
Holiday Special 14 oz. ONLY $6.99 to order

(Seasonal) Dark Chocolate Bark- Our basic dark chocolate with LOADS of nuts
pistachio bark
hazelnut bark
Organic Dark Chocolate holds together our wonderful organic raw pistachios and cranberries. Bursting with nuts and fruit, it's colorful, chewy and satisfies the sweet tooth but with nutritional value. Comes wrapped nicely in cello bag. 4 oz. $6.75 to order
An Almond Bark is available as well.
Our all Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Bark. Combo of our beautiful organic hazelnuts bursting from our fair trade organic chocolate and fair trade coffee mixture. Comes wrapped nicely in cello bag. 4 oz. $6.75 to order
Below is our Organic Dark Chocolate with Walnuts 4 oz. $6.75 to order
Not pictured
Unsweetened dark chocolate
bark for those that are craving high cocoa, high ORAC, strong chocolate flavor, diabetic, on candida- no sugar diets, etc.
Unsweetened chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts (natural/conventional only)
4 oz. $6.25 to order

walnut bark
We now have the Organic sweetened version of almond bark as well (4 oz. $6.50) to order
Our scrumptious organic dark chocolate with org. walnuts. They are just meant to be together. 4 oz. $6.50to order
For more info on unsweetened chocolate nut butters:
unsweetened chocolate

All our dried fruit are "munching ready", but they are also good rehydrated for easier eating, sweetening recipes, even added to smoothies.

Not usual to our website, we have a food "supplement" that seems promising to those who suffer joint pain, stiffness or arthritis symptoms. Take a look at something that's been used for a long time, but on the market as a supplement now.

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