Why Nut Butters ???

There have been many studies supporting the nutritional value of nut butters. These studies conclude that nuts/nut butters may:
* Help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack
* Help achieve weight loss goals
* Represent a good source of fiber, protein and many vitamins and minerals
* Represent a good choice for those on low carb diets
Please see our "nutrition information" page for more in-depth or specific info.

Why "Futters" Nut Butters?

There are many companies that make nut butter. However, we believe Futters Nut Butters is the best choice for those who care about :

* Quality: we use the best nuts/seeds and make our products "fresh to order". We don't "dilute" the variety by adding other fillers to the butter. If it says walnut-it's just walnuts, not walnuts with another less expensive nut. We start with mostly "whole" nuts so the integrity of the nut and it's oils are fresh & in tact, not oxidized. We cool-process. We don't heat the product so it can pour like typical supermarket brands. Cool processing helps maintain the nutrients, more labor for us, but makes for a truer texture and healthier product. We will do whatever is necessary to assure a satisfied customer.

* Taste: we will not sacrifice taste for price. We choose nuts and seeds that we think taste great and constantly seek feedback to assure we are providing a great tasting product. We buy most of our products from smaller farmers so we know what we are getting. Please see our "recipes" page for more information.

* Nutrition: our nut and seed butters are great sources of nutrition. Our only ingredients are nuts and seeds. No presevatives, oils or additives. Please see our "nutrition information" page.

* Choice: we offer both organic and all natural choices, that you will not easily find in the marketplace. We have "designer" butters, our basic single ingredient choices with the fewest additions (top quality dark chocolate, or natural flavor oil, an unrefined organic cane etc.). Please see our "product information" and order page for more information and selection.

* Sustaining Our Environment and our Agricultural Community: we will do everything we can to help protect our environment and sustain our agricultural community. Wherever available, we buy directly from farmers, not big distributors. We are certified organic and offer a complete line of organic products. We recycle whatever we can, including boxes, packing material and supplies. All of our products come in recyclable glass jars. We are a proud memeber of Co-Op America, the premier organization supporting the "green" community.

* Fair Trade: we believe the farmers should receive a fair price for their products to assure high quality, environmental protection and a fair income. When we must buy from non US producers (because the product is not grown here) we seek out "fair trade" sources.
Hopefully, you can see that we are not just another "nut butter corporation" . We thank you for choosing our products.


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